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Your support provides an influential program inside schools, which simply teaches children they are good enough, just the way they are!

Social media has changed the game when it comes to just being a child! Many messages which affect the personality of our children are judgemental, negative and attempt to define who they are suppose to be.

Every child learns differently. The Evolve Project utilizes professional performers, music, dance and curriculum to deliver a powerful message of tolerance and respect for self and others!

The Evolve Project also provides Parent Education programs which encourages parents to teach their children to become more responsible digital citizens.

Take a few minutes to view our videos or read below how principals, teachers, counselors, police officers and most importantly, our children have been affected by our program. You will discover a quality program, worthy of your support!

Donate today and empower our goal of building a kinder environment for our children and ourselves!

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          Empower the Movement!

The songs and dance routines that were integrated into the presentation, supported the message and kept the students’ attention throughout!
— Officer C. Huffmaster, Metro Nashville Police Department
I learned about tolerance, building self esteem and that it is okay to be myself
— Sydney, Smithson-Craighead Academy Middle School