Evolve Performers 

Fernando Richardson.jpg

Fernando Richardson 

Fernando began to sing at a very young age. At the age of 15, he began to write his own music and at age 17 years of age he was recording and arranging vocals for other singers. He played saxophone while in school which earned him several scholarships. In his career he has traveled to Japan 10 times to date , India, and Italy singing with a international missionary group called Thanksgiving Praise and Worship. He has sung background for such artist as Vicki Winnans, Karen Clark-Sheard and Dorinda Clark. Fernando has opened for and worked with such artist as Tank, KC &JoJo,  Gary Jenkins from Silk,  American Idol’s Reuben Studdard and Cork Clark, Montell Jordan, Bill Bellany and Vince Gill.   Fernando currently sings in a band named Higher Ground and is working on his debut solo album. Fernando is dedicated to The Evolve Project because he has encountered severe bullying while in middle and grade school .  In The Evolve Project presentation, he shares his personal story of triumph over bullying!

Johnnie Poole.jpg

Johnnie Poole

Johnnie was born and raised in Daytona Beach Florida. He has been singing since the age of nine. He grew up performing at talent competitions and singing in the church.  He plays several instruments and excelled in football. After he graduated from Tennessee State University , he was recruited by several pro teams. He made his choice after he was discovered singing in the local Walmart. You can find his new singles "Surrender to the Beat"  and "Determined "on ITunes and Amazon.com. Johnnie supports The Evolve Project because our program has a unique approach to create awareness about bullying. He believes "every child is an individual who should never be afraid to find their voice!    

Casey and Jeremy.jpg

Casey Davis and Jeremy Valdez

Casey was a part of a heavy metal band named "Mindset Defect" which has toured all over the country. He plays several instruments and grew up in the music world as his father is a professional musician for several popular country acts. 

Jeremy reigns from Florida and was a part of a rock band named " Level" which toured around the country. The band played in several large venues like the Miami Dolphins Stadium. Jeremy also writes music.

Together they formed "This is the Case" which has their first album coming out in June 2017 . Jeremy and Casey support The Evolve Project because they know "music heals" and supports the organizations message of "all working together to change the bullying climate!"   

Derrell Underwood.jpg

Derrell Underwood

Derrell has danced since he was 3 years old. He also acts, and models. He has danced on BET and appeared on television in Tyler Perry’s” House of Payne”  and movies named “Stomp the Yard” and “Country Strong”.  He has appeared in several commercials and music videos for local artist. He is a choreographer and currently teaches dance to youth. He is dedicated to The Evolve Project because he believes in helping children achieve success. He shows his commitment to the children and the program, by his actions. Darrell lives in Alabama and drives over one hour and a half to Nashville to practice with The Evolve Project Dancers!


Caitlyn Corzine

Caitlin has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She was born and raised in Ohio. Caitlin is trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and tumbling. She has been in the movie "Dreams". She supports The Evolve Project because she loves the concept of "joining performance arts and empowering children not to be bystanders when it comes to bullying."

Micheal Atkins.png

Michael Atkins

Micheal has been dancing since he was 7 years old. He is proficient in hip hop, crunk and b-boy styles of dances. He has toured across the country with a traveling hip hop dance team. Micheal has danced in videos and participated in dance battles from California to New York. He is so devoted to the program , he drives from Huntsville, Alabama to Nashville to practice. He supports The Evolve Project because he has seen the affects of bullying. He loves he can use dance to help change children's lives!       


Haleigh Johnson.jpg

Haleigh Johnson

Haleigh was USA National Miss Tennessee Pre-Teen and is now reigning "Miss Volunteer State."  She has danced since she was 4 years old and is trained in tap, jazz, ballet, tumbling, and hip hop.  She also acts, models and has appeared in several films and on network television. Haleigh creates and writes her own songs and does volunteer work. She dances with The Evolve Project Dancers because she is currently in middle school and sees the effects of bullying, first hand. She believes in the program and appreciates that she can help others with dance.



Christina has danced since she was 3 years old. She has trained in various types of dance such as jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. She will graduate in 2017 from Lipscomb Academy. She supports The Evolve Project because she has seen first hand, the damage bullying can do to self esteem and the feeling of safety. She had to relocate to her current school because of bullying. Christina enjoys using dance to be a "part of the solution" to change the bullying climate!  

Rachel Emery.jpg

Rachel Emery

Rachel is a professional dancer who has loved dance from a very young age. She also acts, models and sings. She has appeared in films and on television such as ” I Kissed a Vampire” , “Visual Eyes” , and “Numbers”. Rachel has performed in videos with artist such as Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Brooks and Dunn, Jo Dee Messina, Trace Adkins and many more. She is a choreographer and teaches dances. She shares her time with The Evolve Project Dancers because she believes in helping children be their very best!

Deavon Walden.jpg

Deavon Walden

Devon has danced competitively since he was four years old. Deavon also is an actor and a model. He has danced in several music videos for such artists as Reba McEntire, Billy Dean, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and many more. Deavon has acted in a Christian video series called Mystery News and on a popular Christian television show called iShine KNECT.  Deavon has appeared in many movies, most notably ” A Season of Miracles” starring John Schneider.  He is currently dancing as main character on children’s television show called The Zinghoppers.  It is viewed on Nashville Public Television and will be seen in 195 countries by the end of 2012.  He dances at the D C Dance Factory which is ranked the #1 dance studio in the state of Tennessee.  Deavon enjoys being a part of The Evolve Project Dancers because he enjoys helping people through dance and supports the goals of the organization.

Becca Kim.jpg

Becca Kim

Becca first started gaining interest in hip hop as a high school student in rural Iowa. Her passion lead her to start an after school dance program for elementary, middle, and high school students to perform at halftime basketball games. While attending college at Emory University she became the founder and choreographer of the first all female hip hop dance team that performed and competed at various events in Atlanta Georgia. She currently works as a ballroom instructor. Becca is very excited about her involvement with The Evolve Project because she believes in the organizations goals to make positive change in youth around thecountry.

JazMon Howard.jpg

Jaz'Mon Howard 

Jaz'mon is a recent graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech and Theater with a Dance minor. She is a former member of the dance crew Southern Movement that appeared on MTV’S America Best Dance Crew. She is trained in African , ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop .  She is currently a professional dancer and choreographer who has performed all over the country.   Jaz’Mon shares her time with The Evolve Project because she believes in empowering children and supports the vision of the organization.