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Coming in 2019:

How to Raise A Good Person

Have you wondered if your child might be the bully?

Technology has made being a parent more challenging. Social media, at times, defines and influences who our children will become.

This book is for the parent who wants to raise a child who will represent you well, and proudly defines your legacy!


About the Author


Cleta Paige-Cain

Ms. Paige-Cain is the Executive Director of Child Care Alliance and the creator of The Evolve Project. She has over 21 years of experience working with children from 6 weeks to 18 years of age. She has received both a Bachelors and Masters in Special Education.


Praise & Recommendations

I feel that programs such as these are vital to the development of our youth and community at large
— State Senator Thelma Harper, TN-19
Words cannot express what a powerful program this was for our entire community!
— Brian Stranhine Ed. S, West End Middle School