Parents that turn their Child into a Bully

Your children watches every move you make. You are the first example of how they should act in in the real world. This is why every guardian should be aware of what behaviors or habits the children in their environment are viewing.
 There are 3 behaviors parents display which can help turn their children into bullies: 

Interacting at Home

When a parent spews hate, their children will do the same. The language and the personal philosophies a child experiences within the home are the traits they will utilize to navigate in society. If a parent voices they hate gay people, Spanish people, black people, etc., the child most likely, will go to school or the internet and share these same views. How you treat people in public or speak in private will display by example, what is acceptable and expected of the child. Parents must self-monitor how they interact with all people especially those of different ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities.

Only Name Brand 

Parents who place high priority on wearing and acquiring only name brands accessories for themselves and their children can be unaware of point of view they create for the child. A child can perceive all children wear name brand items and accessories and those who do not, are not as good. It is this perception which can give children a point of contention or excuse to make fun of other children who are unable to afford all the latest trendy, name brand labels. It important parents teach the value of a person is not what they wear but who they are. These life lessons will begin to shape and dictate how your child treat others in the future.

Children of parents who bully

Parents who consistently berate, humiliate, favors one child over another, excessively uses physical force to discipline are displaying bullying behaviors. These behaviors cause children a deal pain. Children will in turn, display these same behaviors in school or in other settings. This allows the child to feel some measure of control. Children of parents who bully feel especially betrayed because parents are the individuals who the child seeks love and validation. When there is bullying present in the home, the child can act out or seek another source for love or validation.

No one is perfect. Raising children is a very hard job! Simply stated, how parents treat others will often define how their children will treat people. Ask yourself “Can I be proud of the example I am setting?

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